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Bohler India can provide full length plates and bars of steel or material can be cut-to-size to meet your specifications. Extensive stocks are held by Bohler within our Khopoli warehouse near Mumbai, which is equipped with as many as 9 Automatic & Semi-Automatic Band-Saws.


Following is the list of the Machinery and the Equipment available at our Khopoli Warehouse for Precise Cutting & Measuring purpose


Machinery & Equipment:

We have 9 Band Saw Machines to cut the material according to the Customers’ needs. The details for the same are as follows.

1) Behringer 1080 x 1700 mm
2) Behringer 525 x 530 mm
3) Everising 820 x 760 mm
4) Everising 260 x 300 mm
5) ITL 1700 x 1100 mm
6) Everising 250 x 250 mm
7) ITL 260 x 260 mm
8) ITL 540 x 560 mm
9) ITL 800 x 740 mm


Also 2 Sansui Weighting equipments ranging to weigh from 100gms to 600 kg and 1kg to 5000 kg correspondingly.


Material Handling Equipment

1) One Electromech crane track with two cranes possessing lifting capacity of 5 tons and 20 tons each controlled by remote control.

2) 2 permanent magnetic lifter with capacity of 250 kg and 3000 kg respectively.


Also, with the newly established Chennai Warehouse facility, we have the same world class cutting and material handling equipment installed as in Khopoli.

So now our precious customers from the South can also reap the benefits of our warehousing activities through our chennai warehouse.

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